In 2005 a group of local craftsmen started to plan for a new cooperative art-craftstore in Ockelbo.

In the summer of 2006 we opened up the doors to the new store

TURBIN Konsthantverk, located in an old barn at Wij Gardens in Ockelbo.

In 2020 we are 35 artisans who will fill the shop with everything from textiles to concrete, metal, ceramics, clothes,concrete, jewellery etc.

Our sortiment is partly garden products, like bird baths, climbing frames for plants, trays etc, but we are making colorful and beautiful things in general – everything from clothes to sculptures and earrings.

We want it to be joyful, exciting and fun to enter TURBIN Konsthantverk.

Our ambition is a store that offers a wide variety of items with an innovative touch.

We feel no borders between art and handicraft – the expression is the most important thing and we are open to the combination of conceptual and functional.

All our products have to be welldone of course, and utility articles must be functional as well. We try to use eco-friendly materials if possible, and we are fond of recycling in the creative process.

It is our wish that you will visit us and ENJOY our inspiring store.

We are closed during the winter, opening again in June.

For opening hours and location see KARTA/ÖPPET.


Anette Jonsson Sundell

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